Next Meeting is on 10 September

It is confirmed that the next meeting of the support group will be at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 10 September. As usual, it will be held at Farnborough Rugby Club which is in Tile Barn Close, GU14 8LS. It is a great venue with plenty of free parking and a well-stocked bar!

I am delighted to say that Jayne Lifford, IBD Biologics Nurse Specialist, has kindly agreed to be our main speaker and she will brief us on all the up-to-date developments on the several new drugs now available to treat IBD. Afterwards we will have plenty time to "mingle" and chat to each other - perhaps even comparing notes about our own "biologics experiences!" (I am now on Vedolizumab so would be interested to talk to anyone else who is also on those infusions!)

I know this is two months away yet but PLEASE put it in your diary NOW.

We only meet very two months so you don't want to miss the September one and have to wait until December for the next chance to meet others in the group!

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Don't forget the next meeting is tonight at 7.30 at the Farnborough Rugby Club. PLEASE come along. We'd love to see you and we'll be asking you about what you want from the group and what we can do to

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